Introducing Illuminate360

Revolutionizing IT Visibility for AI: In today’s complex IT landscape, comprehensive visibility of your IT estate is crucial. CloudSphere’s Illuminate360 provides real-time, accurate visibility across your entire IT estate – from on-premises to hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

CloudSphere Cloud Governance Platform

CloudSphere provides governance across migration planning, security posture, identity, compliance and cost management in the cloud. We are the only cloud management platform that collects the key data points that together define applications in cloud environments and correlates them to enable governance at the application level. Our solutions include:

Cloud Migration Planning


Cloud Cost Management


Cloud Security Posture Management


Key Use Cases for Illuminate 360

CloudSphere compiles the comprehensive, real-time IT visibility data into a definitive Knowledge Graph to support to following use cases:

Security Operations:

CloudSphere’ adds an additional layer of IT information to enhance your Security Operations toolset by providing the Business Services Level context associated with the security events detected by SIEM and other alerting systems.

IT Asset Management:

by implementing a comprehensive, continuous, automated IT Visibility strategy, organizations can gain significant advantages in terms of cost control, security, efficiency, and compliance.

IT Services Management:

Efficient ITSM requires accurate, current visibility across the entire IT estate. AI-based automations require a definitive ground truth. CloudSphere’s continuous, automated IT visibility provides that ground truth.

Accelerate Cloud Transformation:

CloudSphere’s continuous IT visibility and application dependency mapping provides business services level visibility for migration planning and cloud cost assessment.


Powering the Next Generation of AI

As generative AI reshapes the tech landscape, CloudSphere’s Knowledge Graph serves as the foundation for reliable, data-driven automations. Built on our deep experience in comprehensive IT visibility, CloudSphere constructs the definitive Knowledge Graph of your IT estate – capturing assets, applications, services. Our ground truth data ensures your AI applications are built on accurate, comprehensive IT estate information.


CloudSphere Platform: What is does

Automated Discovery: Illuminate360’s zero knowledge scanning technology discovers & identifies assets, applications & services across the entire IT estate. Contextual Analysis: CloudSphere’s intelligence layer maps application dependencies to provide visibility at the business services level, adding external data to provide critical context. Automation Support: the Illuminate360 Knowledge Graph becomes the ground truth for LLM RAG architecture, ensuring reliable automation.


Empower Your Digital Transformation

Whether you’re migrating to the cloud, optimizing your current infrastructure, or developing cutting-edge AI applications, CloudSphere’s Illuminate360 provides the comprehensive IT visibility you need to make informed decisions and drive innovation.


Efficient ITSM begins with comprehense IT Visibility

Run generative AI applications against CloudSphere’s Knowledge Graph for reliable, efficient automation. Your IT estate is constantly evolving. Ensure that your CMDB is accurate and up to date, automatically. CloudSphere Knowledge Graph enhances your CMDB with the discovery of bespoke applications, CloudSphere maps application dependencies, providing business services level maps of the IT estate for.


Seamless Cloud Migration with Comprehensive Visibility

Transitioning to the cloud has never been easier with CloudSphere’s Insight Consoles. Our platform offers unmatched real-time visibility and optimization data, making cloud migration seamless and efficient. By continuously mapping dependencies and providing actionable insights, we help organizations minimize risks and avoid disruptions.

The CloudSphere Advantage

  • CloudSphere’s fully automated, Zero Knowledge discovery platform requires no manual input – you deploy and we do the rest.

  • Cloudsphere operates across all of your IT environment, no matter how complex – cloud, hybrid-, multi-cloud – and we are uniquely capable when it comes to discovering and identifying bespoke legacy applications – a must in today’s hybrid cloud world.

  • Illuminate360’s intelligence layer maps application dependencies and incorporates external data sources to provide a rich, contextualized view of your business services.

  • Illuminate 360 is highly scalable from 100’s of cyber assets to tens of thousands – perfect for large, complex IT estates.

For Cloud Service Providers

Accelerate time to revenue

Tools and automation to expedite cloud planning and migration

Drive Margin Growth

Azure MSP Expert audit support provides improved margins and new lead flow

Add recurring revenue streams

Ongoing services for cost management and security posture management

Manage every cloud the same way

Migrate, modernize and manage across all clouds with a single tool and a consistent user experience

For Enterprises

Reduce migration risk

Migrate complex enterprise applications with agentless discovery of application inter-dependencies while optimizing for both performance and cost

Control access sprawl

Visual maps display identity and access data to show who has access to key cloud resources

Eliminate surprise bills

Reports and alerts for cloud spend by group, department, project or individual keep budgets on track

Establish security guardrails

Minimize cloud attack surface and exposure window with customizable risk scoring, remediation recommendations and integration with 3rd party reporting tools

Technology Partners


CloudSphere has demonstrated deep AWS technical proficiency and holds competencies from AWS in cloud migration and modernization as well as cloud management tools.


CloudSphere is a Global ISV for Solution Assessments and has helped numerous CSPs, including industry giants, differentiate themselves by achieving Azure Expert MSP Status.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud

CloudSphere is a Google Cloud Partner and supports GCP across discovery, migration planning and cloud security posture management.

aws white


CloudSphere has demonstrated deep AWS experience and technical proficiency and holds a cloud management tools competency from AWS.



CloudSphere is a Global ISV for Solution Assessments and has helped numerous CSPs, including industry giants, differentiate themselves by achieving Azure Expert MSP Status.

google cloud

Google Cloud

CloudSphere is a Google Cloud Partner and supports GCP across discovery, migration planning, cost management and cloud security posture management.

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