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CloudSphere Cloud Governance Platform

The dramatic growth of public cloud service offerings and the emphasis on new service velocity has resulted in increasingly complex environments with escalating costs and risks. The CloudSphere Cloud Governance Platform provides the insights required to optimize and secure these multi-cloud environments.

CloudSphere provides governance across infrastructure optimization, standards compliance and security posture in the cloud. We are the only cloud governance platform that monitors real time contextual data points in the cloud, providing guardrails with actionable governance alerting and reporting.

Solutions are available for:

Cloud Migration Planning

Cloud Security Management

Cloud Migration Planning


Accelerate your cloud transformation

Accelerate cloud transformations, reduce migration risk, and govern with confidence. CloudSphere’s automated software discovers and maps even the most complex applications across hybrid environments without having to install agents. A key step in any cloud transformation plan is a current state analysis of the entire IT estate that shows your infrastructure, applications, and how those workloads are connected.

Accelerate migrations with incredibly fast, agentless application discovery and dependency mapping

Minimize migration risk with accurate cost planning and modernization recommendations

Improve cloud transformation ROI by simplifying the migration of complex, high value applications

Govern proactively with real-time compliance insights into key industry standards such as SOC2, PCI and HIPAA

Operate with confidence as auto-tagging continuously updates resource tags in the dynamic cloud environment

Cloud Cost Management


Visibility and policy-driven controls for cloud spending

Public cloud usage often starts with independent and distributed projects within business units, well outside the watchful eyes of the IT group. With a focus on getting new services running quickly and little visibility into actual cloud spend, we continue to see rampant overspending on public cloud services. Whether from selecting oversized resources, forgetting to turn off unneeded or idle resources, or poor planning around network and storage fees, the result is driving escalating costs and a lack of centralized control. Without visibility into cloud spending on a per department or a per project basis, it’s impossible to properly budget for cloud usage and tie cloud infrastructure spending to business outcomes.

CloudSphere solves this problem by providing visibility and policy-driven controls for cloud spending.

Set and track budgets by department, project, business unit or individual users.

Allow users to take corrective action from trend reports before getting hit with a surprise bill.

Configure alerts for immediate notification if budget thresholds are crossed.

Optimize cloud spending with continuous resource monitoring and rightsizing suggestions.

Cloud Security Management


Get actionable cloud security and compliance alerts based on dynamic risk context

Public cloud users bear significant responsibilities in today’s shared security model. Power users at cloud-centric companies need self-service access to the cloud in order to maintain agility, but providing that access magnifies risk without security governance guard rails in place. Our solution prevents misconfigurations with significant security and compliance consequences for the business. Problems like access sprawl and inconsistent policy frameworks across on-premises and cloud environments also make enforcing a least-privilege security model exceedingly difficult in the cloud without a security posture management solution in place.

Deploy in minutes and see results in a few hours with agentless inspection and monitoring of all your cloud assets

Identify misconfigurations and automatically prioritize risks to improve security posture

Dramatically reduce alert volume by understanding the dynamic risk context at the intersection of vulnerability, exploitability and impact

Quickly discover vulnerabilities, malware and more with agentless run-time inspection technology

Easily inspect your entire cloud environment for compliance with out of the box reporting against key standards

All of these security notifications and alerts are available for multi-cloud environments and integrated with leading ticketing systems like ServiceNow and Jira help ensure critical issues are given the attention they need.

Azure Expert MSP Audit Readiness


CloudSphere can help you work through the certification audit

Cloud Service Providers are facing a growing need to differentiate themselves and find innovative new services to offer their clients. At the same time, they must ensure they retain existing clients by providing accurate billing data and tools that give them better insight into their cloud costs and security posture.

For Azure CSPs, the best way to differentiate is to achieve Azure Expert MSP status. While the program can seem complex, CloudSphere has helped customers ranging from small regional CSPs to international giants work through the cloud management requirements and certification audit. The CloudSphere MSP Solution delivers:

A proven solution to meet the Azure Expert MSP cloud management audit requirements.

Multi-cloud capabilities that provide a single pane of glass for managing services across multiple cloud providers.

Scalability to support even the largest Cloud Service Providers.

A simple path to offer additional value add recurring services like security and cost management.

CloudSphere also helps eliminate billing disputes and surprise bills with software that calculates mark-ups and discounts on a per client basis to show them actual costs, along with budget threshold alerts to provide clients visibility into spending trends.

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