Discovery and mapping software for the data center that drives operational excellence and best-in-class inventory management

Best-in-Class Datacenter Discovery

iQSonar is a world-leading discovery and mapping solution for the data center that drives operational excellence and best-in-class inventory management at a time when virtualization and the cloud are making IT service delivery more agile but also more complex.

Not only does iQSonar provide unprecedented visibility of relationships and dependencies in the data center, it offers ways to use the information effectively in a three-step process we call Collect, Integrate and Optimize (CIO).



Collect the information on data center assets and underlying infrastructure dependencies.



Integrate with third-party platforms, such as Aspera, Snow Software and ServiceNow (and/or use iQSonar’s built-in visualization and presentation features).



Optimize infrastructure in line with what the data reveals, addressing different business and IT operational needs.

Proactive Visibility into Your IT Estate

Managing your software and IT asset budget is a big part of your critical path. iQSonar is built to help you see ahead to lower costs, reduce risk and improve IT efficiency. Visualize problems before they impact your business. Use this insight to make informed decisions for the future and enforce compliance.

See It All

Unrivaled visibility of all your data center assets under one platform


Begins scanning within minutes, returning valuable rich data within hours without interfering with applications, configurations or processes.

Oracle Audit

iQSonar has been verified by Oracle to provide reports that supplement an Oracle LMS audit engagement for the Oracle Database product.

Multi-Vendor Support

Works off-the-shelf with Linux, Unix and Windows and leading vendor platforms including IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

Open Architecture

API framework and connectors deliver seamless integration with third-party tools to share data for greater business and operational optimization.


Builds out to cover large-sized enterprise networks, supporting multiple data centers running mission-critical applications.

Dependency Mapping

Provides visibility on complex relationships and dependencies clearly, paving the
way for consolidation, optimization and transformation across the data center.

“We are confident that we are prepared for future negotiations with software vendors. iQSonar enables us to accurately know our licensing position and to forecast our future needs.”

– IT Director | DHL

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