CloudSphere: Continuous Application Intelligence

How it Works

Deploy and Discover

Our SaaS solution discovers applications on-premises and in the cloud to develop a real-time resource inventory including services, accounts, and tags to use in planning and governance.

Accelerate Migration

Generate detailed reports for cloud migration based on suitability, right-sizing and TCO analysis across multiple cloud providers.

Start the Cloud Policy Engine

Set policies around cloud security rules, compliance status, severities, notifications, responses and reporting thresholds in the policy engine.

Monitor in Real Time

Monitor cloud costs, security posture, compliance status and identity and access management with real time alerting.

Take Action

Assisted and auto-remediation options reduce exposure, and integration with leading ticketing systems like Service Now and Jira helps ensure critical issues get the attention they need.

Platform Architecture

cloudsphere architecture background

Why CloudSphere:
Continuous Application Intelligence

Application-driven insights across all critical cloud decisions from migration to governance

CloudSphere Cloud Governance Platform is the only CMP that takes the application discovery and migration planning data set and uses it to group cloud resources by application. Every application’s blueprint is defined by

Set of computes

Software and cloud services inter-communication

Configuration files

Financial and security guidelines

This continuous application intelligence enables better cloud decisions for:

Migration recommendations around risk, complexity and suitability for the cloud

Performance and cost optimization before, during and after migration

Security and identity policies based on the risk of any given application

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Cloudsphere’s CMP Solution Adopted for SoftBank Corp.’s Best-in-Class Cloud Managed Services for Enterprise Customers

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