Growth Mindset: A Critical CloudSphere Core Value

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By Ashley O’Malley, HR Director, CloudSphere 


The concept of corporate core values is not a new one. Yet, while you could argue that organizations have been using some form of company values for decades, they have certainly become more prominent in recent years. 

This has become particularly true since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. From that time onward, more and more companies have had to pivot their operations to remote and virtual work. This has made it crucial for employees to remain aligned with both each other and the values that are essential to their company’s success. 

As a global organization, CloudSphere employs team members all over the world. While we collaborate and meet in person when we can, for the most part, our employees are entirely remote. For this reason, our core values are integral to keeping our team in sync and driving our success.  

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring one of the most important values that we have at CloudSphere: a growth mindset. Read on to learn what growth mindset means to CloudSphere, how our team applies the concept throughout their everyday work, and why it’s a crucial part of our company culture. 


10 Ways Growth Mindset Drives CloudSphere’s Success 

Applying a growth mindset within a work environment can be interpreted in a number of ways. To CloudSphere, this integral core value means encouraging… 


1. Continuous Learning
Within our team, embracing a growth mindset represents how highly we value continuous learning and development as an organization. This can include education on both a personal and professional level. We encourage our team members to seek out new ways to increase their knowledge and sharpen their skills to stay at the forefront of the tech industry.


2. Resilience in the Face of Challenges
CloudSphere encourages our employees to tackle obstacles with determination and creativity. Having a growth mindset throughout the organization empowers our team to view challenges as opportunities for growth, rather than setbacks. This helps continuously move us forward and encourages more positive interpretations of situations that can otherwise be quite stressful.


3. Adaptability and Flexibility
The tech industry is ever evolving, and adaptability is key to success. CloudSphere is always encouraging employees to adapt to new technologies, methodologies, and market changes. A growth mindset helps keep our team members open to previously unexplored ways of doing things, which help us create innovative solutions to long-standing challenges.


4. Accepting Failure
Mistakes are a part of growth. At CloudSphere, we foster an environment where we view failure as a learning experience. Through this lens, we encourage team members to take calculated risks and learn from the outcomes.


5. Open Communication
A growth mindset thrives in an environment where feedback flows freely. We promote open and constructive communication, enabling everyone to learn and improve. Our open communication policy goes two ways, as we encourage employees to provide feedback to their leaders in addition to receiving it. This type of 360-degree model is particularly valuable in a remote work environment, where colleagues don’t always have the opportunity to share openly with each other.

6. Innovation and Creativity

CloudSphere fosters a culture of innovation where we encourage employees to think creatively in all areas of the business. We believe in exploring new ideas, technologies, and approaches to drive growth and stay competitive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

7. Collaboration and Teamwork

Having a growth mindset is not just an individual endeavor; it’s about fostering collective growth. We emphasize teamwork and collaboration to achieve shared goals and mutual learning. There are always opportunities to learn together or from one another, and we take advantage wherever we can.

8. Embracing Diversity

Diversity of thought and perspective is crucial for growth and innovation. CloudSphere employs people across the globe and greatly values diversity and inclusion. Our team recognizes the power of different experiences and backgrounds.

9. A Customer-Centric Approach

CloudSphere, we believe that a growth mindset extends to understanding and meeting customer needs. Through this approach, our team members prioritize customer feedback and adapt our products and services accordingly. We are always evolving as people and a business.

10. Leading by Example

CloudSphere’s leadership embodies the growth mindset, setting the tone for the entire organization. We encourage our leaders to be role models in their pursuit of personal and professional growth. This extends to other less traditional leadership roles within the company as well.



The concept of a growth mindset is deeply ingrained in CloudSphere’s DNA. By embracing continuous learning, resilience, adaptability, and collaboration, we empower our team members to thrive and contribute to our collective success. 

Throughout each of our departments, our team understands that a growth mindset is not just a value but a way of life. CloudSphere employees use this important company value to fuel their innovation, foster their personal development, and drive our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions for our customers. 

How CloudSphere Can Help You on Your Journey 

CloudSphere makes digital transformations easy by offering automation and clarity of IT estates. Throughout the cloud journey, we empower our partners and customers to Discover, Plan, Migrate, Optimize, Modernize, and Secure entire IT environments with automated features that save businesses time, money and disruptions.  

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About Ashley O’Malley 

As a seasoned employee success professional with over a decade of experience, Ashley derives her energy and passion from making employees successful.  

Her role at CloudSphere provides comprehensive, high-quality, customer-focused HR support across a broad range of human resources’ activities, delivering on the HR and Business Strategy of CloudSphere. The role is highly commercial and operational and Ashley is responsible for the team member base across US, UK, Ireland, France, and India.  

You can connect with Ashley on LinkedIn.

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