Why Fun Is a Vital Core Value at CloudSphere

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By Ashley O’Malley, HR Director, CloudSphere 

This article is part of a series that centers around CloudSphere’s Core Values. Written by our HR Director, Ashley O’Malley, the series takes a critical look at each of our Core Values, what they mean to our employees, and how they help elevate our services and products. Other articles in this series include: 

In today’s business world, it’s very common for just about any company to have some form of corporate core values. This seems to be especially true in tech, with industry giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft leading the way.  

However, as many core values center around the premise of empowering employees to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, sometimes these values lose sight of what’s truly important. In particular, when it comes to the work environment and wellness of a company’s team members.  

This is one of the reasons why, at CloudSphere, we have incorporated the core value of Fun into our everyday work ethos. It is a cornerstone of our modern and progressive workplace environment, and we hold it in high regard, right alongside our other more “serious” values. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into how Fun takes on a fresh significance in the context of CloudSphere, and why it’s an indispensable element of our contemporary, forward-thinking company culture. 


10 Ways Fun Drives CloudSphere’s Success 

Fun is obviously quite a broad concept that can be interpreted in many ways, especially, when in the context of a business setting. Within our team, it’s a key value that helps align and motivate our employees by… 

1. Fostering a Vibrant Work Environment 

As a remote-first company, CloudSphere promotes fun to help support flexibility, innovation, creativity, and enjoyment. We firmly believe that a dynamic, enjoyable atmosphere is the breeding ground for groundbreaking ideas and advancements in today’s ever-changing work landscape.


2. Celebrating Progress and Achievements 

By acknowledging milestones and accomplishments together as a team, we pioneer solutions more effectively. Recognizing and applauding our achievements also helps us foster a profound sense of satisfaction and elation in our daily work. 

3. Exercising Team Building in Action

It is important to CloudSphere that we get together for team activities when we can, even though we are a fully remote company with employees located around the globe. These gatherings help us create bonds among our team members, elevating our collaborative spirit when we go back to our individual workspaces. 

4. Championing Innovation and Creativity

Within every level of our business and every facet of our work, we passionately support creative thinking and innovation. At CloudSphere, we empower employees to explore imaginative solutions, making work a thrilling and dynamic modern pursuit. 

5. Providing Balanced Work-Life Integration

A cornerstone of CloudSphere’s modern culture is supporting the harmonious integration of our work and personal lives. We empower our team with flexible work arrangements, ensuring they have time for both individual goals and modern adventures. 

6. Engaging with Interactive Learning

Cloudsphere offers cutting-edge learning opportunities that keep our employees engaged in their continual growth. In doing so, we transform learning into a modern, interactive, and enjoyable experience. 

7. Ensuring Diversity, Inclusion and Excellence

Inclusion and diversity are pivotal to innovation in today’s world. At CloudSphere, we embrace diverse backgrounds and perspectives, recognizing that these are essential for pushing boundaries positively forward in our contemporary era. 

8. Focusing on Customer-Centric Delight

Through our exceptional solutions, we are able to continually increase the satisfaction of our customers. It is a modern-day thrill! Our team members see that our expertise positively impacts our clients, which adds an extra layer of excitement and fulfillment to our endeavors. 

9. Leveraging Humor and Camaraderie

Infusing humor into our discussions and interactions keeps our workplace lively and enjoyable. By not taking ourselves so seriously, we are creating more room for innovation while also fostering a more relaxed and productive atmosphere for us all. 

10. Leading by Example Alongside Visionaries

Our leadership team sets an example for the rest of our employees by embracing a fun-filled, forward-thinking approach to our work. CloudSphere’s leaders actively engage in innovative activities, exemplifying the importance of a modern and engaging corporate culture. 



The core value of Fun at CloudSphere is a central tenet of our contemporary workplace culture. 

By fostering a dynamic work environment, celebrating milestones, and nurturing innovation, we ensure that our team members find excitement and fulfilment in their endeavors both at work and in their personal lives. 

At CloudSphere, we firmly believe that a modern and progressive workplace thrives when it combines new ideas, enjoyment, and a passion for pushing boundaries. It’s in this contemporary excitement that we draw inspiration to drive our industry forward. 

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About Ashley O’Malley 

As a seasoned employee success professional with over a decade of experience, Ashley derives her energy and passion from making employees successful.  

Her role at CloudSphere provides comprehensive, high-quality, customer-focused HR support across a broad range of human resources’ activities, delivering on the HR and Business Strategy of CloudSphere. The role is highly commercial and operational and Ashley is responsible for the team member base across US, UK, Ireland, France, and India.  

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