Multi-cloud Asset Management – Managing and Securing Complex Applications

 In Cloud Management, Cloud Migration and Planning, Cloud Security

The complex IT infrastructures and interdependencies found in most organizations only adds to the importance of having an effective strategy before migrating IT assets to the cloud. An essential part of any cloud strategy is complete visibility of all cyber assets and business services before, during, and after any migration.

The benefits of cloud migration are well-known: reducing costs and increasing efficiency and flexibility allows organizations to better compete. But without a complete understanding of all cyber assets and their dependencies, a cloud migration could increase risk to both business performance and security. The business risk is an impact to productivity if applications are disrupted during a migration because of an unknown dependency or workflow. The security risk is that cloud adds a level of complexity to cyber security strategy while potentially increasing an organization’s cyber-attack surface. Continuous and complete visibility of all cyber assets minimizes this risk while increasing the potential for a successful and cost-effective migration to the cloud.

In this report from Eric Hanselman, Principal Research Analyst at 451 Research, we look at the importance of cyber asset management in the increasingly complex world of cloud migration.

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